Three Day Corcovado Tour

This is the perfect trip for adventurous Nature Lovers! We’ll be leaving PJ at 5.30am and after a 2 hour car ride arrive at Carate Beach.

From this point we’ll hike along the beautiful beach for one hour to get to the Station (La Leona). Throughout the trip to Corcovado your guide will spot animals and explain about their natural history and their habitats. It is common to see several species of monkeys, toucans, macaws, sloths and many more! We’ll also talk about insects and plants, and the National Park itself. The hike will take about 7 hours, crossing several rivers on the way.

We’ll spend the night in Sirena, and start the next day early at 5am, as the morning is an ideal time to spot animals. After 2 hours we will return to the station for breakfast.


After breakfast we will take a little break and then we’ll continue to walk towards the Guanacate trails, such as Espavel Trail, Sirena Trail, where your experiences tour guide will use his expertise to help you discover the real wildlife and rainforest. A large number of wild animals are known to live in the park, such as the wild pigs, crocodiles, and several species of monkeys. Also many different species of birds that can be seen, such as toucans, scarlet macaws, hummingbirds, parrots, parakeets and many more. After this hike we will have lunch where you can relax at the paradisiacal Sirena Beach or at the Station.

The last day will start with an early breakfast, after which we make our war back to Carate. We should get to Carate by mid-day, where you’ll be picked up to be brought back to Puerto Jimenez. You will get back to Puerto Jimenez around 3pm.

La Sirena Ranger Station